Whether it’s selling old clothes on eBay, picking up some extra shifts at work or doing a favour for someone, it’s always nice to have some spare cash in your pocket. When looking online for ways to make extra money, surveys seem to be one of the most popular suggestions. For many people, taking online surveys doesn’t provide a full-time income, but it can bring in some cash that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

One of the best things about taking surveys online is that almost anybody can sign up and do it. All you need to do is give your opinion on different things, whether it’s politics, products or your everyday activities and preferences. When you’re watching TV in the evening, complaining about being bored at the weekend or simply have some spare time on your hands, log in and do a few surveys to build up the pennies gradually. Many people have had success earning hundreds of pounds just by taking surveys. Some survey sites are better than others for making money, so here are the top 5 websites you should sign up to.



If you’ve been looking around for survey websites already, there’s a very high chance that you’ve come across Toluna. This website isn’t just about surveys – you can receive products to try out for free. Users of this website said they didn’t receive lots of products all the time, but would get a few over the course of the year. It’s free to sign up and it means you can try out products you might be interested in, such as makeup and electronics, or services both online and offline.

You’ll find many different surveys on the survey section on the website, and you will accumulate points with each survey you take. Toluna focuses on giving its users vouchers rather than actual cash, but most of the vouchers are for Amazon and websites where you can buy a wide variety of items. Each survey will earn you up to 6,000 points, and 80,000 of these points will get you a voucher worth £15.



Swagbucks provide users with a few different ways to make some extra cash. The surveys and polls are the most common, although there is a limit on how many of the daily polls you can do each day. It’s important to read the different rules before you start doing another survey or poll, or you could miss out on payments from other surveys.

Swagbucks also has a search engine, and if you use this to search for things instead of using Google or Bing, you can collect more points. You can also try out the online games which will earn you a few extra points, and if you have plenty of time to kill, watch a few videos to get even more.

After gathering points, you can head to the Rewards Store and decide what you want to get with your vouchers. You’ll need 849 points to get an Amazon voucher worth £5, and each survey you take is worth at least 70 points.

As well as using your points to buy vouchers, you can withdraw the cash straight into your PayPal account and then into your bank.


Global Test Market

This is a survey site which has been around for a few years now, and it’s one of the most popular. Signing up is easy – you simply need to fill out a registration form with some personal details. You’ll also be asked to answer some questions about you and your household, as this will determine which surveys you are able to complete. It also increases the chances of you being sent surveys which you’ll actually qualify for, rather than starting surveys which you can’t actually finish.

Global Test Market pays its users in Marketpoints, which can then be used to get vouchers and rewards. You can browse the catalogue of rewards and choose what you would like to spend your Marketpoints on. You can spend them on Amazon and other websites, or transfer cash to your PayPal account. You can even make monetary donations to UNICEF, so if you aren’t too bothered about extra money for yourself but would like to donate to charity instead, this is a great option.



MySurvey has hundreds of surveys that you can have a go at, and with a low threshold of £3 for withdrawing money, it’s definitely worth a try. Since there is a wide variety of surveys available, adults of different ages and backgrounds can complete several per day.

When you have 345 points, you can redeem this for £3 in cash to your PayPal account. 550 points will get you a £5 Argos voucher if you don’t want the cash, and 1250 points will allow you to redeem them for a £10 Amazon voucher.

Each survey pays in points and the amount varies, but it’s normally around 100 points per survey with each one taking approximately 20 minutes to complete.



One of the features most people love about Crowdology is the fact that it will just pay you cash rather than points and rewards. Each survey will pay from 40p to as much as £10, depending on how long it is and what the criteria for completing it is. When you’ve earned £4, you can withdraw the cash straight to your PayPal account. Since most people are able to earn £4 quite easily in a month, it’s a great website to get a few extra pounds and actually be able to withdraw it each month. The withdrawal threshold is relatively low compared to many other survey sites, which is another reason Crowdology has rather a large fan base. If you want to redeem your earnings for Amazon vouchers, you’ll need to have at least £10 in your account, however.

You can follow them on Facebook, where the social media team seems to be responsive to complaints and issues which users may have.

When signing up for any survey websites, it’s worth reading some reviews from previous and current users before giving over any details. Some websites have plenty of surveys but are very picky about who can actually qualify to complete them, so look for those which have lots of opportunities to earn points easily!