Brand new to 2017 are The Small Awards, giving smaller and lesser-known businesses the chance to shine. 

The organisation was built on the idea that many small businesses often miss out on receiving awards, even if they have grown and had a lot of success in the past year. In the UK alone, there are more than 5 million small businesses. However, most of these fail to win an award, and not necessarily because they are performing poorly. Businesses located in remote or quieter areas may never get nominated for an award, and those which advertise to a narrow audience may also be missed.

The Small Awards aims to reach out to these small businesses in order to create equal opportunities for companies who may deserve the awards. Over several years, the team has been building up a database of all the small businesses within the UK, which means that 2017 can be the year that unknown businesses can finally have a chance to be rewarded.

Peak b Ltd. is the organisation which operates The Small Awards. Alongside The Small Awards, they run several campaigns across  the country, including Small Business Saturday, which encourages small businesses of all types to get involved for more advertising and marketing opportunities. With a wide range of contacts, Peak b is able to reach out to sponsors, businesses and many other organisations which are interested in applying for or supporting The Small Awards.

The Small Awards consists of several awards, including the Legacy Award for the best family business and High Street Hero for the best business on the high street. Businesses who are interested in putting themselves forward for any of the awards can do so by applying via The Small Awards website. Applications are open right now and hopeful businesses will have until the end of March to apply in a bid to win the award of their choice. Judges look for promising and strong performance from the business, as well as the potential to further succeed. The winners will be announced at the beginning of May.

Applying for The Small Awards can give small businesses the push they need to gain more customers, promote themselves better and have more confidence to grow. Candidates who don’t receive an award but make it to the final can attend The Small Awards dinner, which provides a great opportunity to meet other business owners, sponsors and contacts.

If you feel you’re business is worthy and has the potential to win a small business award then head over to, It costs £25 to put your business forward but it might be the best £25 you’ve spent… Best of Luck!