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Make Money with Domain Names

Welcome to how to make money with domain names guide. This is about being a “Domain Broker” which basically means to buy and sell domains to make a profit. In this article we’ll be talking through a few of the ways to make money with domain names and how much you could make. We’ve found domain brokerage a bit of a lottery, you can defiantly make money doing it however it can be very time consuming and sometimes leave you with nothing.


The best tool for finding valuable domains!

Wait! Do you want the quick and easy way to make money with Domain names? It costs money but it’ll be worth it!

To find these domain names we use a few methods as seen below:

  • Contact owners if domain is not in use and ask to buy

A quick Google search for buying domains will bring back a mass of results whether that be for auctions, expired domains or whichever, find a few websites that work well for you and start your search! The aim of making money with domain names is to buy a domain name and sell it to make a profit, below are the main few methods we tried and we’ll talk about them in detail further down.

  • Buying brandable short .com extension domain names and selling them via auction
  • Buying better domains to sell to a business without hyphens or a better extension.
  • Buying high stat domains to sell to SEOs or to sell links
  • Parking high traffic domains for advertising


Buying Brandable .com

This method is the most time consuming however if you do find a good .com domain you could potentially sell it for thousands of pounds. When we were searching we just missed a domain called “Iceberg”, Now a brandable one word domain like that would sell in the tens of thousands. The idea behind this method is to keep searching for mainly one word domains, sometimes two if they sound good and then sell them either by auction of a flat sale.


Buying domains for business

This one is a little less time consuming however there’s more work involved in trying to sell the domain. You’re basically looking for expired domains that match any business out there. We normally want the popular extensions like or .com. All you do is search google for that expired domain or one at auction and see if there is a business to match. For example, If a domain came up called and there was a website on google with the name you could then try and sell the domain to them. People normally prefer domains without hyphens or other extensions like .net or .biz.


Buying high SEO domains

This can be quite a profitable way to make money with domains. The best way to do this would be to buy from auctions and expired domains however you need to go through each one and check their stats using tools such as:

Look for High PR, Page Authority and SEOMOZ rank. A good metric would be anything above 3 PR, 25 PA and 2 SEOMOZ.

Look for high URL rating and Domain Rating. Also check the back links for the same metrics we’re checking the original domain for.

Look for Domain Authority, Page authority and quality of links. They also have a great spam score, this needs to be low.

Use this for Trust and Citation flow, the close to a 1:1 ratio the better. Again check the back links.

Using these sites you can see if the websites are good quality high metrics. Make sure most of the back links are high quality and look natural. Once you find a good domain simply register it via Godaddy, Namecheap or any other and then try and sell it to SEOS. You can sell it through a market place, forums, social media and may others. A simple search on Google will return lots of choices.


Parking Domains

This is a lot like point one and that it needs to be either brandable or similar to another popular website. This way you park your domain and make money through advertising when people go on your website. We’ve not yet tested this one however we know of a lot of people doing it yet we’re not sure how much money they make of it.

So there you are, a few ways that could easily earn you a couple of quid all the way to thousands and potential millions. Yes millions would be extremely rare but if you get a good brandable domain a company wants to buy it you may be in luck.

Buy and Sell online with Alibaba

Buying and selling is one of the oldest most common methods of making money. The idea is simple, buy low and sell high. Whether that’s purchasing new products or used it all works the same and anyone can do it.

Since the internet buying and selling has exploded from what it used to be as it’s so much easier to sell online. While the internet makes it easy to access a potential market to sell your products, it’s also a place of fierce competition. However the idea of buying a product and then selling it on for more money is incredible and feels great!

You can virtually source your products from anywhere but as the title suggests we are going to focus on Alibaba. Alibaba helps exporters in China to potential buyers all around the world. This website will allow a business in UK to find a manufacturer in China and import the various products they create or manufacturer something new for them. It’s said to account of 80% of all online retail sales in China. If you don’t want to use Alibaba or you’d rather sell offline then please continue to read as this guide will work for anywhere you import from and generally any sell to. So, what are the steps for getting you on the way to buying your first products and selling them to make a profit? We’ve listed steps below on what we think are the major ones.

Product Research / Development

The first thing you’ll have to do is hours and hours of research. This is where, if you haven’t already is find what product or area you are going to focus on when trying to buy and sell. It’s best to browse through Alibaba or anywhere online to get inspiration what you want to deal in. This really links well with our last step “where to sell” your product. You need to search through any market place you might be using to sell your product and look at competitors.

Niche or New Product?

Of course you don’t always have to try and find a niche or a new product. You could just try and source a product cheaper than a rival and undercut them however this is usually very difficult. Not only has the competitor probably been doing it for a while and has better connections, if you’re just starting out they will probably have a larger buying power too.


This step isn’t always necessary. You don’t have to brand your products with your own logo or business, you could just leave it blank or continue to leave any manufacturer branding on however it’s always better in our opinion to brand it. Not only will it feel a little more professional but it can potentially help with repeat business. Branding your product usually costs extra so try hard in your negation to get the best deal.


The price is easily the most important step along with product research. If you buy too high you will have to hope at selling your product for a profit. Negotiating hard to get a better price might mean the difference between a successful enterprise compared to a failure. If you struggle to get a lower enough price then always Walk Away. Don’t try and make it work just because you’ve spent a lot of time researching the product, If your too expensive people will shop elsewhere.

Be careful when dealing with certain products, especially electrical. Manufacturers will often have certain grades of products and it will be cheaper the lower grade you go. For example USB memory sticks will have grades from A to maybe C. An A grade is usually quite reliable where a C grade is very likely to corrupt and fail. Buy low but don’t let your product quality suffer.

Shipping & Import Tax

Shipping your product can be costly depending on what it is, obviously like the bigger/heavier it is the more it will cost to ship. You can usually pick the courier of your choice. Airfreight is quite a bit more expensive than having it shipped on a container shipment but usually unless you’re buying a lot you will only have the choice of Airfreight.

You might have to pay import Tax on your product when it enters the country. Check out our small Import Duty & Tax Guide to find out more.

Where to sell

Selling online is what we are focusing on here but you can sell your product anywhere you think it could sell.

The main places online for you to sell would be:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • ecommerce website

You could even sell wholesale you retailers in UK depending of course of the product you are selling. It would be less of a mark-up but generally you would sell a lot more.

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