Small businesses have been using leaflet marketing for many years now due to it being relatively cheap and simple. It can be also known as door-to-door marketing and involves delivering your unaddressed business leaflets through letterboxes. This can be done by anyone you wish whether it be yourself or through a leaflet delivery service. The response rate varies depending on your business, any offers you’re providing and the area you’re targeting. If you put your time and effort into the leaflet drop you can expect high response rate.

The best thing about leaflet marketing is that even if they throw your leaflet in the bin they still will look at it on the way, Even if the dog chews up the leaflet and it’s amazing how much dogs love leaflets, they will still have to clean up the mess and hopefully make out your business. Personally I’ve experienced all sorts from delivering leaflets for numerous businesses I’ve set up and I’ve had everything from dogs running full pelt at the door nearly knocking it down to old women trying to call the police on me.

A great thing about leaflets is that they’re so versatile. They can be used anywhere such as letterboxes, waiting rooms, billboards etc. You don’t just have one distribution method. Remember if you’re local, asking other businesses to display your leaflets cuts out the work of delivering. They can sit on the counter and people can pick them up if they choose too, try anywhere and everywhere from hairdressers to pet shops obviously depending on what you’re actually adverting.

Things to remember about leaflet marketing campaign


Design is extremely important with leaflets. It’s what grabs their attention before they decide to keep it or throw it away. Be sure that your message is clear and it stands out especially if you choose to get it dropped along with other leaflets. Online or local printers will require a design. Most will offer a design service but online normally use template type editing software which is quite limited and local printers aren’t usually cut out to be designers. We’d recommend getting the design done separately. For this you can use any designer you find but as always we’d recommend hiring through freelancer using a project or better yet, a competition. Hiring a designer can get you much better results.


Don’t go for the lowest cheapest quality leaflets. You want people to keep it in their house. The higher the gsm the better and a nice gloss or matte finish is the best option. Although it can be more expensive people might judge your business on the quality of your leaflet you deliver. If they see a half screwed up piece of paper through their letterbox (As some can be quite tough getting the leaflets through) they will be less inclined to give it their attention.


Normally the most recommended size would be A5, A4 or A4 folded three ways similar to a menu. You need to pick a size that lets you fit everything you need to say.


Make sure you’re targeting the right people in the right area. There’s no point in delivering lawn mower repairs to a block of flats, I know that’s quite silly but you understand the point. Make sure the people will actually need your product or service. It might worth checking out the census for the area your thinking about distributing to. Check out It can give you all types of data such as age, marital status, occupations etc.


If you offering a product or a service that is for a certain date for example if your selling Christmas trees or adverting a valentine’s day meal you need to time it right. If you don’t being too early or too late will have a massive effect on the response you receive.

Be respectful

If you see a notice saying to spam mail even if we consider that our leaflet is not spam it’s up to you whether you deliver your leaflet or not. Personally we have before and had many customers come from it however be prepared to receive some abuse from certain individuals. Remember you’re representing your business.


If you decide that leaflet marketing is working well for you consider hiring someone to help you. That way you can send them down the drives that look like they may have dogs… but mainly you can get the work done quicker.


Try and dress relatively smart. It can look better going up to someone’s house wearing business uniform instead of just your weekend clothes. Many people might actually come out the house or be on driveway when you deliver and might want to ask you some questions so it’s better to look the part.

Like all marketing methods they each have their pros and cons

ADVANTAGES of leaflet marketing

  • It’s relatively cheap
  • Almost guaranteed to be seen by the homeowner (Even if that’s on the way to the bin…)
  • Many routes of distribution (letterboxes, shop counters etc)
  • You can deliver them yourself to cut costs
  • Quick and easy to produce
  • High return rates if done correctly
  • Full control on where you target
  • It’s something they are able to keep

DISADVANTAGES of leaflet marketing

  • Limited reach. It all depends on how many you can physically distribute and unless you pay to get them distributed on a large scale which becomes expensive then it won’t reach a lot of people.
  • Larger order means lower cost so you usually end up with more than you can shift.
  • Time consuming. If you end up delivering yourself it can take a lot of your time and can be quite tiring.
  • Restrictions such as locked premises, guard dogs, no spam mail stickers etc can be a problem.
  • Leaflets can be easily dismissed and thrown away
  • No long term impact, once the user sees it they either keep it or throw it away. Either one can cause them not to remember you when they come to actually needing your product or service.
  • You can only get a basic understanding on the people your targeting.

Where and How Much?

There are many places to get your leaflets printing whether it is online or via a local printers. Both have benefits but we’d recommend using online services. These days printing can be extremely cheap and get delivered to you the next day ready for you to deliver. The cost all depends on size, gsm, finish, colour, single or double sided however for 5000 high quality leaflets you’d be looking anywhere between £150-£200. Some places also offer sample packs so you know which type you’d like when you place a large order. Some places we’d recommend ordering from are:  and Vistaprint tend to be the best option as they’re a little cheaper, however they do add of tax and delivery charge at the end that can increase the price.



What about printing them yourself?

If you wanted to just deliver a couple of hundred leaflets then printing yourself might be a good option but normally most home/office done leaflets look poor in quality and more expensive then you might think with the price of ink (unless you have a large laser colour printer). For the price of leaflets you’d be better ordering a small amount online.