Just like trying to think of a business name, a logo can be just as important. We can follow similar steps also when trying to think of the best way to create our logo. Your logo needs to stand out and have people understand what you’re business is about. You need to think about what message you want to send by potential customers looking at your logo.

You should already have a good idea of how you want your business logo to be and you should have your business name already sorted. So if you followed our article of on to think of a business name you needed to decide whether you wanted a random name or a relative name. You need to follow suit with the logo, If you picked to go for a relative business name then have a logo that shows what your business is about. If you’ve decided to go the extra mile and go for a random business name your logo can be pretty much anything you want. Remember going for random makes work a lot harder to get your brand recognized, think about Nike. Their logo is the “Swoosh” or tick and could interpreted as many things where if you look at a relative logo like Costa Coffee from the name you already know what it’s about but the logo just helps it even more.

There are three main types are logos. The first is a font logo such as ours is where you use the name of the business and make it distinctive. The second is where you use a relative illustration for example if you were a car mechanic you might have a image of a car along with tools, the first and the second can be merged just like Costa Coffee again. The last one is a complete abstract logo like Nike where it has the relevancy to what you do. This should go off what you’ve decided to name the business as we mentioned before, if you want to send a message to people what your about then use your name but make it stand or out or a relative image or even a mix of the two. If you’ve named your business randomly to make it more memorable then use a logo to supplement it.

If you have an idea in mind then go ahead and start sketching the basics down. You’ve chosen which type of logo you’re going to have so now think about what you want to have on it, what message do you want to send to your customers? Is there a key benefit that your business can highlight with its logo?


  • Analyse Competitors – Unless you’re unique it might be a good start to take a look at competitors logos. This way you can take aspects of their logo you like and incorporate it into your own.
  • Colours – Think about colours. What colour best matches your industry. For example if you’re in IT then blue is normally a good colour associated with that. You could even look into the psychology behind certain colours to help send across what you’re about. See here for colours and their meanings.
  • Versatile – Remember your logo can be used on many different media types. Make sure it would look good on your website, business card, vehicle signage and more. Sometimes it’s best to have a clean and simple logo to stop problems when contrasting.
  • Professional – Unless your business strategy is to look low end and local (It may sound silly however there are a few businesses out there that go for that cheap look to make customer’s think they aren’t part of a chain or other reasons) then don’t use a cheap looking logo that you’ve made yourself in paint, MS word using clip art or stock art, spend a little at least to get a professional look.

Recommended Steps


Write down your logo idea.

After reading everything we’ve put you should have a pretty clear idea of what you want from your logo, the logo type to the colours you’d like to use. Write down everything you can think of when it comes to your logo, it doesn’t matter how vague it is.


Finding a designer

The best way to get your logo created is using a graphical designer. They do it day in day out and will be able to produce better results then yourself. You can either use a company to design you one which can get very expensive or your can you’re a freelancer. Depending on your budget will normally effect the outcome of your logo. There is also software and online services available where you can create your own logo so if you’re quite creative feel free to give them a go.


You can use Fiverr.com to get your logo created for a mere $5 which works out while writing this to about £3.30. The main advantage to this way is it can be used to get a good looking logo at a very cheap price. The disadvantage is that you might not like the logo however you cannot get a refund. It also might be very similar to other logos they’ve produced as the can use templates to create your logo off. This is one of the cheapest ways to get your logo made and we only recommend it if you need something quick and simple and not too bothered about how it looks. Check out “Using Fiverr”.

Freelancer.com Competition

Freelancer is a website similar to Fiverr and it’s full of many talented people. You can set up a competition for designer to submit their logo for your idea. You simply create a competition, fill out your brief so they know how to create your logo, set a budget and publish. Your budget will affect the results you get. Check out our article on “Using Freelancer”. The advantage is that you can get many different entries and ask them to make changes. Depending on the options you’ve chosen when setting up your competition you won’t have to pay if you don’t like it. Disadvantages can be that you get very poor entries if your budget is low, It can be time consuming waiting for entries, promotion addons for your content can get expensive. An alternative to this would be 99desgins however we are yet to check them out.

Go direct

The other way is to search for a company or individual to design your logo. You can normally get a more one to one service and get it designed exactly how you want it if you have a specific idea in mind. This would be the most expensive option and we do not currently have any recommendations on who to use so it’s best to search on Google for leader in the field most likely to come top of the results or to go for a local option with the ability to meet with them and discuss your logo idea in depth.


Share and get feedback

Depending on how you’re going to get your logo created it’s good to share with family, friends and complete strangers to get their opinions. If you go for the a online competition then you can share the results and pick some that you like, you can then get the designers to edit the logos of the feedback you and your audience have provided. If you’re working with a company or standalone designer then you can work with them until you have the result you want. Be sure to check out our article on “Mistakes when creating a logo”.


Receive your logo

Make sure when your logo is completed that you also get a high res vector file. This makes sure that if you ever need to edit your logo whether it be colours, size etc it can be done. We often use .psd files from Photoshop.