Hi Guys

Just thought i would open this tread and recommend a really user friendly, affordable and easy DIY website creator
called Wix.com , really great for small to medium busineses and so easy to manage.
I recently created a full eCommerce store for our company using Wix.com, just my 2cents



Hey Dave,

Thanks for the insight 🙂 Did you try any other website type builders before Wix?


Hi Scott

I did a bit of browsing around on the web for a few days and did plenty of research and i found Wix.com to be the best option for me.
I prefer to manage and run my websites completely myself, if i need to add a picture i dont want to have to send it off my someone else for them to load because it wont be done right away.

Kind of impatient i guess 🙂

Yes, I find website builders are good for simple sites but become frustrating if you want something they don’t have. I always like using WordPress 🙂

Thanks for your feedback Scott i have heard of Word Press but never really checked it out in detail.
Maybe next time i have something to put together ill check it out.

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