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What's your diet like?

I want to know how everyone eats on this forum. I don’t know, I’ve been taking an interest in what goes into my body for the last few years since I use to eat garbage despite exercising regularly.

For me, I eat a lot of lean meat (such as Chicken, or turkey), leafy greens, white cheeses, oatmeal, yogurt, seasonal fruit. and homemade bread. Love cooking bread for some reason. Especially ciabatta.

Plus there’s a lot with chicken you CAN do. I’ll never get tired of chicken and spinach and putting it in everything. Much to my boyfriend’s dismay (girls gotta let it air out, right?)

what about you all?


I’m kind of a meat and potato kind of guy. I like to eat a lot of sandwiches, drink some beer, and stuff like that.

Not exactly healthy, I know. I’m getting on in years and I think I might need to start changing my diet before it all goes to hell come my 30’s. Do you recommend any sort of diet or anything I should be doing? Add more veggies or something?

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