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What social network is currently working best for you?

Hey everyone,

Quick question. What social network are you currently using the most for your business? Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. Which is working best and do you just focus on a few?



I’m using Facebook currently as it’s the most used social network. I’m looking into Linkedin as well as I also aim to get b2b relationships.

I think social networks should be based on what you do. If your a designer in some way then Instagram would work well. A local business, Facebook is for you! I would defiantly just focus on one or two max and do them well.

Yes good advice, I’ll be just focusing on two I reckon then. Thanks for the input again Greg

Facebook is best for marketing promotion.

Although, Linked In is designed basically for professional purpose,but I hardly find it of any use. It is more used for your job change or you have reached somewhere than anything else.

I really enjoy Twitter the most, though I feel like for some of my clients the better results come from Facebook.

For traffic generation for websites though – Twitter hands down.

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