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What should I blog about?

Hi guys!
I am looking forward to earn via Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing/selling some e-books but I am confuse about the niche. What should I blog about? what are the profitable keywords in 2018?


Its not just about a profitable keyword. One of the most successful is “bitcoin” – but that niche is becoming quite saturated. Focus on finding something that you want to write about long term & and the $ will come!

The only thing I can write about is web development, web design but its not profitable niche. Usually how many articles are good enough to attract some traffic? I mean, how many articles are needed to get approved by Google Adsense or for other sponsorship?

The website is what needs to be approved by adsense, not the individual articles. Research different niches and do something you’re interested in 🙂

what is your interest ? that one only niche i can suggest for you because only there you can give your 100% and you can unlimited $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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