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Trumps Inauguration

Did anyone watch it? He has hinted at ties becoming close with Britain which may be important post brexit so it will be an interesting ride with him in the white house.


I watched a bit of it. It will be interesting to see what happens. Little concerned about what Teresa May said about him previously. It would be much better if we had Nigel Farage as an ambassador for the Uk.

Here is a link to watch it if anyone wants to

Almost a year later and nothing happened yet =\. Maybe in year two we’ll see something, or did I just miss something in the news regarding what he’ll be doing with the UK?

Sorry Americans but I think trump is a lost man without any solid vision of leadership. He is just a business man full of crappy ideas. According to Steve hawkings, temperature of our planet is rising every year and it would go upto 200C if we don’t do anything and Trump is just eliminating environment friendly energy plans. I hope it won’t end up as countries having wrestling with each other.

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