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Stocks Shaiya infinity value $15.00

Unfortunately Ppremjith, I don’t understand what you’re asking.

If you’re asking if it’s Important that it fell in value? Yes and no. Important to those that invested, but stocks do that. In actuality, holding stocks, it’s better to hold them long-term in reliable companies. Typically 5-10 years before selling. Depending on the industry they’re in.

If you’re asking if it’s important to invest in internet stock in internet businesses? Personally, I’m a bit conservative and say no, because Internet companies are a dime a dozen, and are often a pump and dump scheme. Stick with real-world businesses that have a real-world presence.

Your advice investing long-term in reliable companies is sound however it’s generally the risky ones that end up making you a real return. For example, Bitcoin is all over the media now and worth $6000 odd a coin. It started at nothing and when people invested when it wasn’t worth a lot have made a fortune.

At the same time they could have lost it all but it’s that old saying, little risk, little reward.

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