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Should I charge my clients 50% upfront or 100%?

I recently had a bad experience where client just disappear after getting my work. He paid me 50% upfront without any problem so I kind of trust him and gave the items as soon as they were completed for review/changes. But never listen from him again. I sent messages on his facebook, left voice messages but he kind of ‘always busy’ or ‘just not available’. If I don’t give my designs, how would he review these. Those were low-resolution but still usable.


When you’re not working through any platform like Freelancer or Upwork payment can on the odd occasion become tricky.

You can ask for 50% if that is working but I would not start asking for more. Instead, I would heavily watermark and protect your work so they would not be able to steal it without paying the remaining amount.

I feel that should be as much as you need to do 🙂

Thank you scott! You are genius. I’m surely gonna watermark my designs by now. I was so confused and unhappy due to this issue but I’m glad you replied.

Well, I wish we can ask for 100% fee upfront but this isn’t the real time case. Clients always prefer some cheap work and hardly care how much time we spend on designs. They shuffle their mind and requirements 50 times in a day. I avoid such clients and try to work with clients who know what they are looking for, ready to pay what we deserve and have some reputation.

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