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Questions to ask before hiring an accountant

So right after telling my sister that we need someone to help deal with our company accounting processes, she recommended one of the accountants Darlington she used to work with before. But since this will be the first time for me, can you advise me on the important things that I should ask the accountant before hiring them? You know, just to help me further guarantee that I’ll be getting reliable services from them. Thanks!


Hi Alisha,

There is a massive variation of accountants and they’ve all got different mindsets. There’s not a lot you can ask them to find out if they are good or not, at the end of the day they are selling themselves so would always answer something that’ll make them sound good.

Personally Ive only ever hired an accountant from word of mouth. Usually someone (Your Sister in this case) will highly recommended an accountant they’ve used and you just have to trust that person, just make sure it’s someones opinion you value!

Best thing I would do is go and meet the accountant and talk to them, you’ll know pretty quick if they are a good match. Just be careful with large companies as the person you meet won’t be the only accountant that deals with you, they usually have many accountants that specialise if different areas (Which can be a great advantage).

Go and have a meeting with them Alisha 😀

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Welcome to the MME Forum!

Here are a few questions you can ask your accountant to be:

– How long have you been in business?
– What is your preferred method of contact? (You want them to either be using a reliable portal or email)
– Who will be looking after me and my business? (As previous comment states, some large accountancy firms have many people working for them, it would be good to know who’s looking after you)
– Ask them a couple of questions related to your business. Try and do some research before hand about the questions so you know if the accountant is correct or not. Ask any questions that you’ve thought about, specific questions. For example, I recently asked a new accountant who would be looking after my holiday let business, specific questions about VAT related to holiday let properties etc. Unfortunately he told me the wrong information, therefore I did not go with them.
– Do you use any technology or platforms such as Quickbooks, Zero etc? It’s good to have an accountant that is familiar with these.
– Do you currently represent any competitors to your own business?
– How much do they charge and how do they calculate their fees? Flat rate, Per Hour etc?

Also check online reviews, like any business they should have reviews online from previous and current clients. Also check how easy it is to get questions answered and getting in touch. I once had an accountant that was so busy it was quite difficult to get information if you were in a rush.

Overall, like Lemons said, Go and meet with them, chat with them for a while, understand whether or not they are on the same level as you. You don’t want an accountant that has widely different views about business and life in general to yourself.

Hope that helps! Best of luck with your search.

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