MoneyMakingExpert Forums Marketing Websites & Domains My question is – Does having an SSL certificate help SEO?

My question is – Does having an SSL certificate help SEO?

Having an SSL certificate cost around 40 to 70 pound per year. But someone told me that Google favor sites having an SSL certificate. Is it valid? Should we have it even we are not running an E-Commerce site? What about an E-Commerce site but using PayPal payment method.


Yes, it does my dear.
But in the end, content is king. If your site provides nothing useful for users, no SSL certificate is gonna help you. I think you should focus on how you can help others via your website rather SSL alone and than market it on social media.

Pretty sure you can get the same result using Let’s Encrypt. It’s free and you don’t have to pay for it. I use it on

Either way for ecommerce, I’d defiantly recommend it, it gives the impression that the website is safe to use. As for SEO, I have seen that it can help, but certainly isn’t going to make a massive difference in my mind.

By installing a SSL, it will be harder for the hacker to steal your login password on WordPress. Installing a SSL can improve your ranking as Google put emphasis on making people feel secure when they are visiting your site. Many people would shun an online store if they don’t see the padlock. So, it is even more important to install a SSL if you are running an online store.

Yes It is.

Visitors Feel Safe to browse your site. So they will refer your site to others too.

It driven more traffic at your site.

You can also use the CLOUD FLARE services with free SSL. It is too good.

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