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Kickstarter – Still Viable?

I kind of need some funds to start up for the next phase of my business, and I thought about asking on Kickstarter. But the issue I’m hearing is that it’s not as viable as it once was for businesses because a lot of people don’t like the idea of donating, and not getting anything out of it, so the site has seen a lack of activity on it.

So what I want to know is; Is it still a viable way to build up funds without having to go and take out a loan?


Where did you hear that it wasn’t as viable as it once was?

I think it could work but it depends on what your doing. Is it something people will get excited about? Creating a Killer campaign and promoting it 24/7 will do the job if you’re lucky… I know someone recently did a Campaign for a new Watch Brand. They couldn’t raise the funds on the first one. They improved their campaign content and images. Promoted social media a little more and tried again. It worked but I reckon it was difficult.

I have to agree with Scott. Right now Kickstarter and a lot of other platforms like that are actually doing very, very well in terms of investment. You don’t have to pay back any of the money that you’re given, so it’s good on your end and the people who believe in your product invest as little as a dollar to your cause. A dollar once in a while won’t break anyone’s bank. Win/Win and I think most people recognize that.

All the same, are you advertising your project any? I’m not sure what you do for a living other than writing (Becuase of your name) but I’m guessing you have a twitter or Facebook for your profession? Can always excite people into re-tweeting, reblogging, or giving out minor “surprises” for your upcoming project.

I agree too, that Kickstarter can be successful. What also really helps any type of crowdfunding type of campaign is to have a strong social media plan in place – before you launch your funding proposal.

Agreed, Social Media is a massive part. How would you recommend growing your social media presence Java? Slightly difficult if you have not launched anything yet?

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