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Is having a 20 character domain any good?

I couldn’t find domain name I wanted for my online graphic design business so I kept trying multiple words together. Now I have an idea of domain that is also available but its 20 character long. So is it even right thing to buy a domain that long? or should I keep looking for alternatives?


Well, technically there is no harm in it but its not a good idea to have a such a long domain name as it won’t be user-friendly and may be difficult to print on business cards or flyers if you ever thought of trying to publish these.
I would recommend you to stick to smaller domain names. You can try if .com is not available or .net, .info etc. You can add some number to make it unique.

Agreed. There is no harm in having 20 chars but you have to think how easy it is going to be for someone to remember it, type it in etc.

If you think it’ll be fine and you like the name then go ahead with it!

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