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Is Facebook a good place to bring in customers?

I read a blog article a few days ago that said people are more likely to shop somewhere if they see their friends doing so on Facebook. This was in America though so I am not sure if this is the case in the UK.

Do you think that Facebook can be a good place to bring in customers or is it a waste of time?


To be honest I think it might be a good idea. When I think back to all of the online businesses I’ve found that I’ve shopped at, I think back to Facebook, and Facebook friends who shared stores they’ve shopped at. One of our favorites is a geek store that’s like a mixture of “Spensers” and “Hot Topic” that caters to nerd stuff. Thinkgeek I think it was called. And I think most of its traffic is through facebook and other stuff.

Well wouldn’t Pinterest then be more useful? I think people share more about what they buy on there than any other platform. Maybe Instagram is higher but they don’t link to anything. It is just all pictures.

I’m not sure on the exact numbers since I don’t have a way of knowing where my traffic comes from. I thought about advertising my E-books on Facebook before. As far as Pinterest, it might help a lot depending on what you sell.

When I think of Facebook, I think of people reblogging, liking, or sharing images and stories of stuff. It might be an interesting place to advertise, I don’t think traffic here in the UK is any different from Americans, so I say give it a shot at least and put it into your advertising plan.

Again it depends on the business but with Facebook yes, pretty much any business needs to be on there. However if you do join, put the work in. Don’t end up with a sad looking page like many businesses do 😀

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