Huge Gamer

Gaming is something i just cant live without, i spend most of my free time gaming.
Since Battlefield 1 was launched thats pretty much all i do, well when i am not working.

Any other keen Gamer’s on this forum ?

Also just upgraded my PC with some new hardware which makes playing BF1 so much better.
i5 6600 3.3ghz turbo boost to 3.9ghz
Corsair 16gb Ram
Nvidia GTX 1070
Gigabyte Motherboard

Lets here what you enjoy playing and what set up you have..


Hi again Dave,

I also have Battlefield 1 but on PS4. I do have a Gaming PC I built and it’s got some decent specs but it’s a little annoying all my friends are on console :/ First battlefield I’ve purchased and I’m finding the multiplayer a bit difficult but loving the campaign!

How’s your GTX 1070?

Hi Scott

BF1 is really amazing , problem is that the campaign is to short , but its normally the case with all BF games.
I also play a lot of Battlefield 4 which again the campaign is cool but you cant do half the stuff you can in Multiplayer and its really a short story.

Once you get use to the multiplayer you will never play the campaign again , finished or not 🙂

The GTX 1070 is really amazing worth every cent , i play everything on Ultra graphics which is awesome.

Haha I’d love to play everything on Ultra again and not have to worry. I think I have a AMD 7970 and it’s getting on a little bit now!

Still easily plays games well on high though, can’t complain 😀

I actually play games with my husband. I grew up on Nintendo so I always end up going back to them. It is a great way to relax. I want to get the Nintendo Switch eventually but for now I just play games through Steam on my PC.

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