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How should I advertise?

Hi Roger!
You know why the most of the offline adds aren’t working? Because it’s not targeted!
The only methods are available in brick-and-mortar world are experiential marketing and few other suitable for those who looking for partners.
Your case is craving for experiential one. To cut the long story short it is an event organised in public place where you in entertaining form create an awareness about your product.

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Can’t understand what EthanOo is on about…

100% Facebook page along with Flyers delivered locally. I think that would be more than enough to get you work 🙂

Make sure to get some Public Liability Insurance 🙂

Congratulations on your retirement!

Probably the best thing is to start by gathering information. See how much newspaper & magazine advertisement is.

But I would also recommend thinking – where is your target audience and what things do they do in real life? Because that can help you find ways to advertise to them.

First research that how many people are online from your area then try to find out which website they use then interact with them online or buy ads
but best way is to reach them offline it will be good for your niche

Hi, Roger! I still think owning your own website for advertising and providing information about product. I’d recommend to do it even if you gather additional viewers by target advertisement. Gathering information and creating a website for your product to attract attention and provide them with a list of features and reasons to get your product – I think it’s really important. You need to enter the site and your attention is attracted immediately by big customer-oriented headlines, features and advantages. Also it’s very colourful. They also provide their history and unique qualities of their service. My opinion you should go that way if you want to attract customers’ attention further after gathering all views from target advertising. Anyway, I wish you luck!

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