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How should I advertise?

Afternoon again,

Sorry to post again so quick. A question that I really wanted to ask is what you lot think the best way to advertise for a small local business is? I’m just recently retired and I’m looking at setting something up but I’m no good with online stuff, I’m defiantly not a techie! (Managed to edit my profile though… With help). I was thinking something like the Newspaper? My local shop has a way where you can advertise in the window as well. I’m not very good when it comes to stuff like this I think, I’m just looking for something to keep me busy for a few days of the week.

Cheers. Rog.


Hey Roger,

Quick question, What is it that your looking at doing? I take you have a business idea in mind.


Afternoon Scott,Sorry how silly, I would like to start a local garden maintenance service.

Cheers. Rog

Hi Roger,

Ok so if your looking at doing something along the lines of Garden work in your local area I’d defiantly recommend leaflets. That way you can walk around and put them through doors who you think my need your services, Example, a person with a garden ;). I’d also consider looking at advertising in any local parish council magazines etc.

For some additional advice. I’d recommend setting up a Facebook page for your business and advertising it in groups around your area. That was you’ll have an online presence where people can search for you on Google. A website is not needed I don’t think but put everything on your Facebook page, Get a few likes and reviews and you’ll be set.

I’d also print a few business cards (Including Facebook link) for you to give to your customers so they can share your business easily.


Where I live a free newspaper is delivered to all houses which is basically supported by adverts. These would be a great place to start as you want to focus locally.

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