MoneyMakingExpert Forums Business Customers How effective craiglist is for finding clients?

How effective craiglist is for finding clients?

Is anyone here ever used classified sites like craiglist for finding clients? How you guys make sure that clients do pay you whole as there is no third party involve here like freelancer, upwork etc.


Not sure on craiglist, As this is a UK site we do not have it here. We use more Gumtree, eBay. Finding clients on these platforms really depends on what you do. I wouldn’t overlook them though, they can be very effective.

thank you scott! I did check GumTree and it seem promising. It has category ‘services’ and sub category ‘computers and telecoms’ where other freelancers have advertise about their services.
I am freelance Graphic Designer. I’m gonna post ad there and would let community here, if it work for me.

Well, if you generalize your question that does posting about your services or products on classified sites help, than answer is yes. People go on these sites when they are looking to buy something or sell something. You are going to find clients there but its your website/portfolio that will help them to decide that if they want your services/products or not. So work on your portfolio as well.

The clients you find on Craiglist may not be trustworthy as you can’t see their feedback profile. Depending on your business model, you can find clients by distributing brochure, giving freebies, and offering discount on products.

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