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How do you market your Amazon Merch?


My Amazon Merch account finally was accepted! So I’m really psyched to add some tees & get started.

How have you marketed your tees, whether Teespring, Amazon March or other sites? I know Facebook ads are very popular but I didn’t know if there were other choices.

I welcome your input. With tees, I’m a true newbie!!!

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I know someone who is doing around 2K a month now with Amazon Merch.

I didn’t get accepted! HAHA!

Yes Facebook does well. But what I feel would really do well is a niche youtube channel then place advertisements to those who recently view your videos. (Place adverts from a separate channel).

Here: (Perfect Guide)

Congratulations on being accepted Java… Sorry Scott!

I’ve had my account for just over a year. I’m not doing a massive amount on it, earns probably £100-£200 per month. I haven’t really marketed it. I just got a designer to create similar designs to already trending items and got them listed 🙂

I’d imagine Instagram would be a great place to get started.

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