MoneyMakingExpert Forums Business Employees How do you decide whether to outsource or to hire an employee?

How do you decide whether to outsource or to hire an employee?


I would like some advice on when you decide whether you need to outsource for projects, or if it is time to hire an employee.

Every company is different. But one thing that is so hard for entrepreneurs is winding up wearing way too many hats. Then you just don’t get enough done.

What would be the benefit to hiring an employee instead of outsourcing for projects – and when do you realize that you’ve reached this point for your business?


It all depends on what your business does. One of my businesses would be perfect to continue outsourcing no matter how busy it got.

The pro to employing someone in house would be greater control, if your outsourcing to the UK then hiring a full time employee would probably be cheaper. You’d hopefully get someone more loyal and committed. I think you know when you need to get someone in properly. If it’s no longer working by outsourcing or your getting too many problems.

Yet employing full time staff has many cons too. I’m 100% behind delegation.

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