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How budget planning can help us financially?

A budget planning is an essential move that summarizes control on our spending habits, debt and other cash flow. Creating adequate financial goal let our money flow in right direction that may help us to establish more financially.

It needs organized daily life practice to adopt checking our bills, debts, expenses, loans, rents, etc, and matching them with a standard budget plan we have to consider. Once we have implemented the precise rules to meet the organized budget plan we will live happily forever.

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<_> I think the wording you chose kind of confused me. Is there any sort of online tool that we can use to help us with budgeting correctly?

Hey there Rick

Honestly? To budget, all you need is some paper. I just have a notebook and a ledger book. Basic budgeting is just basic math.

First off, calculate your median paycheck per month. This will give you somewhat of a baseline for how much money you have to work with per month.

Then, calculate how much all of your bills and debt is. Make sure you get EVERYTHING.

Then, subtract that from your Paycheck, and that’s how much you have. Then your budget what’s important to you from there. How much you eat, want to invest, want to use it for fun stuff, etc.

That’s it.

Writer is right in that it’s not too hard.

When it comes to tools though there’s a lot out there that CAN make it easier. I personally use a spreadsheet. One I use that calculates how much I make per month in my job, and another one I use per month for my investments. its often just easier to put it into a spreadsheet, let the calculations run it for you, and be done in 30 minutes. I can understand why some people prefer hands on, but that’s me.

You can probably find spreadsheet templates literally anywhere if you have Open Office or Microsoft Office.

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