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Google Adwords vs Bing Ads

Which do you prefer? Google is by far the more popular search engine so most advertisers flock to it. The downside is much stiffer competition when it comes to your CPC and click through %. I always find a better return with Bing ads. What about you or is it just me?


I’ve always just used Google as they dominate search in the UK. I have read that Bing did better in growth compared to Google last year so I may give it a try soon and see what results I get.

I’d still have to use Google either way as it’s simply the more popular search engine so to answer the question Google Adwords vs Bing Ads, Google will always win until the search is more even.

True but as everyone goes for adwords the competition is so fierce. If you have a set budget you can get a better ROI with Bing Ads as there is much less competition for keywords and so your bid is much less.

I guess it totally depends then on what your advertising. I use it for a local business so I want all of the search as I can’t afford to just have a small part of it as I’d lose too much business. I guess if you have a small budget and are not targeting everyone who searches then Bing might be a little better.

I’ve only ever used Google but have found it to be quite expensive, especially when I target certain keywords. I might try Bing soon with another project I’m working on that has a very small budget but doesn’t need a lot of visitors.


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