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Hi Guys

I use Facebook to do most of my marking to my clients , it works well but i am sure one could fine tune it a little here and there.
I not convinced with Facebook’s paid adds that get people to like your page ect, we ran something like that and it attracted all sorts of people to the page but did not remotely boost our business.

We often use the good old bulk texting to our clients and that still works well, not everyone has a smartphone or Facebook


Bulk texting? What do you use to do that?

When you set up your Facebook Ad did you specify an area or any interests to fine tune the type of people you wanted to target? I think Facebook ads might still work well for you but you may not have set it up correctly?


I’ve read that rather than $40, thousands of dollars should be invested in this method of click-marketing. Additionally, quality of the site, product marketability, consumer, drop-off rates, and click-through rates.

Most of the successful business in recent times has gained a huge social marketing success and so it effects their business to manifold from where they have started.

I personally noticed that Facebook brought me 55% of traffic than the organic traffic, i can expect from search engines.
I follow a tricky method to get more and more likes from Facebook. I create several other famous celebrities pages and once they reach high number of likes i changed their names and merge into my own business page.

Well, yes it works fine for me! I meet a chance to get high number of likes and once i posted anything same number of people get to know what my business has posted recently. People to people and that manifolds my business.
How do you planning to employ a method, btw?

I’ve found the Facebook Paid Ads good as a way to increase reach to posts at a decent rate compared to other advertising. Targeting is the most important thing to get set up correctly. (and might need to test various interests etc for your ad)
Guess it depends on the goals of the ad.

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