Computer Specs

What do your computer specs look like? Do you use it for anything other than gaming?

For me, I use mine for gaming, streaming, and everything else. Even a business I’m starting and using information Im learning in this forum!

I have two actually. One I designate “Work PC” thats just a basic stock box I got a department store.

The other one is “Gaming PC” and itcurrently has;


77k processor

1000w CPU,

5tb HDD

ASUS Cobra MSI Motherboard

and it’s my baby. Costed me a pretty penny but I saved at my old job fornearly 2 years for it.


My computer is getting on a bit now. Still powerful, 7970 graphics with a decent i7 and 32gb ram. Built about 5 years ago now, time goes quick. Brilliant tool though, if you use it, like you clearly do as well, it’s worth every penny as well 🙂

Used it for gaming in the past but too busy now. Mainly use it for Video editing, Photoshop and just running my business. I have a little Mac Mini in the server that runs some automated software 24/7, It’s a little better for the electricity bill!

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