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Can I keep a spare set of keys for my rented property?

I wanted to know if it was illegal to keep a spare set of keys for the flat I rent out?

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No it’s not illegal as far as I know. It’s advisable to keep a spare set just incase you need to access your property or they don’t return the keys when they leave. A friend recently had a problem with getting into his property for repairs, as they were urgent he notified them that he would have to enter the house no matter what on a specific date and time. If he didn’t have a set of keys and the tennants continued to be a pain with not letting him in then the damage would have gotten worse.

It would be wise when you draw up the tenancy agreement to include these things.


Yes this is absolutely fine, generally it is a good idea for you to keep a spare set and your managing agent (if you have one) to also have a spare set. Remember that if you give 24 hours notice to your tenants you are legally allowed to enter your property.

A couple of weeks back I got a call from my tenant who had locked himself out and so I had to go and let him in.

On another ocasion I had to have the anual gas safety certificate completed, I had trouble getting hold of the tenants (turns out they were on holiday) so I had to let myself in. They didn’t like it but that is another story!

Thanks Scott & David. Good to know, I’ll keep a spare set then!

Trust me, as a property owner, always keep a spare key on you.

While it is illegal for you to go into the home when the occupants don’t know you’re coming, as that violates their privacy, it’s always good to have a key in case you need to inspect the property. I got burned on a tenant once in a home I owned where he ripped up carpeting and smashed my walls, so use that key and do a quick look at the property at least once or twice a month.

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