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Based on Crypto-Currency Laws and Trading – is it a wortwhile investment?

With the growing popularity of Dash, Zcash, ZEC, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, and of course Bitcoins – what do you think in terms of these being investment-worthy trading commodities, and is the current crypto-currency economy stable enough to do so for both small and large investors?

With the growing trends of the “Dark Web”, cryptocurrency theft, and other illegal activities would this really be a worthwhile, legal investment as opposed to say a CFD?

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I am on the fence when it comes to crypto-currency. I can see it having benefits but there is really no clear cut operation when it comes to who actually runs everything. I know the value and stock always goes up and down with bitcoins for example so I am not ready to dip my foot in the water just yet!

It’s worthwhile for now. Just, as usual, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Personally, from what it’s looking like, cryptocurrencies are booming in popularity, and it’s like an internet gold rush. But once that gold rush dies down, it’ll start to stabilize a little bit more. I can foresee cryptocurrencies ending up as an alternative use to real money over the internet that might be used more as a sort of “go-between” source of money when going from say, dollars to euro.

But currently, some money invested in isn’t a bad idea as long as you don’t put a sizeable amount in.

Invest as much as you can afford to lose. I think it’ll continue to do well for now. Potentially cash out end of this year?

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