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Albany Assistance – Auxillis got to go to court

So two years ago some lady hit the side of my car (her fault). Whilst my car was having the damage assest I asked my insurers if I was entitled to a courtesy car to which they said yes and transfered me to their local supplier. To cut a long story short I was supplied a car under a credit hire agreement and these guys charge £150 for supplying the car. Needless to say the at fault insurers refuse to pay and in the contract you have to sign you are liable if the costs cannot be recovered unless you co-operate so you have to dance to their tune.

These guys are daylight robbers and need to be avoided!!


Hey Matrix,

Yes I’ve read about this in the past. It certainly isn’t right what they are doing from what i’ve seen. It seems to me they are charging a lot of money for the hire car to whoever is at fault hoping that the insurer will cover the costs. However when they argue the hire costs are too much they go to court etc. In the agreement you sign it says you must oblige and help in their court case.

Good shout and yes best to avoid these unless you can get in confirmed that in no way you’ll be liable for anything like this.


Wow! I had no idea this was even going on. How sick and sad must these people be to be scamming people like this? I hope it is all settled and done now. I am going to have to read up more on this just so I am more aware of shenanigans like this.

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