When Donald trump was elected to take over from Barack Obama, as the President of the US, a lot of us were confused, surprised and worried. Would this man be able to shoulder the burden of the world’s foremost superpower? Would he be able to guide the economy to financial success? Would his business acumen translate into political prowess? The Donald Trump saga began in 1946, with his birth in Queens.

Donald Trump

A timeline that illustrates the life of America’s President Elect.

A young Donald lived a good life, the second son of famous New York real estate developer, Fred Trump. Trump was adventurous, which often led him into trouble, which is why he was sent to military school during his teenage years.

Donald Trump enters the New York Military Academy. Rising quickly, both socially and academically, he was a student leader by the time he graduated in 1964. Post which, he enrolled at Fordham University.



After a 2 year stint at Fordham University, Donald Trump transferred to the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania, from where he graduated in 1968 with a degree in economics.

Trump followed his fathers footsteps, and began his career in real estate development, channeling his energy into something worthwhile. He had grand ambitions, and he wanted to use the family business to achieve his aims. His real estate career would be marked by huge successes and devastating failures, to the point that he even declared bankruptcy at one time, only to bounce back from it.

Donald Trump was given control of his father’s company, which he promptly renamed to the Trump Organization. During this time, he moved to Manhattan, hobnobbing with influential people. Seeing the opportunity in Manhattan, Trump quickly became involved in large building projects, that would earn him huge profits and win him public recognition.



Trump faces one of his first lawsuits, when the US Justice Department sues his company. They accused him of violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating between black potential customers.

Trump gets married to Ivana Winklmayr, a Czech-American businesswoman, author, socialite, and former fashion model. This is the first of his three marriages.

Donald Trump becomes a father for the first time when his son Donald Trump Jr is born on December 31st.



The highly successful businesswoman, Ivanka Marie Trump, was born on October 30, 1981.

The landmark Trump Tower in Manhattan is completed, and Mayor Ed Koch celebrates the milestone with him.



Ivana Trump gives birth to the couple’s third child, a boy, Eric Frederic Trump.

Donald Trump publishes his book, The Art of the Deal, which stays on the New York Times bestseller list for 51 weeks.



Donald Trump appears on the cover of Time Magazine, a major milestone in his career.

On the personal front, Trump’s life is crumbling. His marriage to Ivana has run into trouble, with the media speculating heavily that the marriage is headed for doom. He separates from Ivana, eventually divorcing her in 1992.



Hard times befall Trump, and he files for bankruptcy for the first time. A slump in the real estate market, leads to events that cause him to file for bankruptcy. However, he consolidates his position to emerge victorious, and how.

Trump gets married for the second time, this time to actress Marla Maples. a whirlwind romance ends precedes the marriage.



Trump lends his name to popular entertainment by buying the Miss Universe Organization. By now, he is successful once more, having beaten back bankruptcy. He is once again the most successful real estate developer in New York.

Trump’s personal life runs into trouble again, and his second marriage to Marla Maples disintegrates as well.



Trump continues his rendezvous with popular entertainment, by appearing in a show called Celebrity Apprentice. The show takes off and becomes immensely popular, so much so that Trump files for copyright for use of the term “You’re Fired”

A landmark year for Trump, as he receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Reserved for celebrities only, this is one of the few times a star has been made for a businessman.



Donald Trump announces his bid for the US Presidency. A culmination of the efforts that he has put in as an individual throughout his career.

His Presidency has not been without controversy. Yes, he has made some questionable remarks. Yes, his views are controversial.Yet, Trump has managed to emerge above all, victorious, and is all set to take over the White House, when the time comes. Trump has a lot to prove, to the citizens of his country. Their apprehension is justified, as he has no prior political experience. How he leads America, is left to be seen.