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best online estate agents

Unless you’re an investor or have an interest in the property market, keeping up to date with the latest trends probably isn’t something you’re thinking about. Most people won’t sell a house more than two or three times, so it might be necessary to do a bit of research beforehand to find the best deals […]

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The European Union List of Tax Havens

The European Union minister for finance announced a list of 17 countries that have been blacklisted as tax havens. These countries have failed to meet the expectations of the EU standards on tax and good governance. These include transparency, exchange of information, and fair tax competition. So what is the meaning of Tax Havens and [...]

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Bitcoin is Worth More than Gold!

Bitcoin has just made headlines by topping the value of gold for the first time in its history. Experts believe that Bitcoin is surging in value thanks to high demand from buyers in China and they expect the value of the cryptocurrency to hit the £3,000 mark by the end of 2017.

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Record Zero Hour Contracts

New figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that nearly one million UK workers are on zero-hours contracts. Stats for the final quarter of 2016 show that the number of zero-hours workers rose by 13% compared to the same quarter 12 months previously. However, ONS analysis reveals that zero hours contracts [...]

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The Small Awards

Brand new to 2017 are The Small Awards, giving smaller and lesser-known businesses the chance to shine.  The organisation was built on the idea that many small businesses often miss out on receiving awards, even if they have grown and had a lot of success in the past year. In the UK alone, there are [...]

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Rental Prices to Rise

The rate at which rents will increase is likely to triple this year. Landlords are forcing tenants to bear their financial burden as a result of the rising inflation. Experts say the major causes of the increase in the price of stamp duties and the result of the EU referendum. Brexit had caused a lot [...]

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Tim Cook meets with Theresa May

The tech giant, Tim Cook after receiving an honorary degree from the University of Glasgow met the Prime Minister Theresa May and told her that he is “very optimistic” about the UK’s future after Brexit. Mr. Cook met the Prime Minister at Downing Street on February 10, 2017 and shared the company’s i.e. Apple’s plans [...]

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Sir Ken Morrison dies age 85

Sir Ken Morrison, will be remembered as the man who converted his father’s grocery chain of small stores into one of the biggest retailers in the UK after kicking the bucket at 85 years of age. Morrison’s family reported that he died peacefully in his home in North Yorkshire following a brief illness. Morrison a [...]

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Amazon Go

Amazon has just released news of real world shops they are looking into launching, no longer are they just sticking to the online market. They are setting their eyes on the supermarkets and convenience stores but Amazon intends to make it even more convenient than ever before... Amazon Go Store So, what is Amazon Go? Amazon [...]

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