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How to provide excellent customer service!

The basics of customer service are very simple. Provide the product or service that they are demanding in the most efficient and polite manner as possible, however there is always much more to it. Good customer service is required more now than ever especially with the ever growing competition and the increased expectation from customers. Customers [...]

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Getting Apple Pay for Your Business

Apple Pay was launched in the United Kingdom in June 2015, eight months after its official release in the USA, gaining the interest of many users of the iPhone. By October 2015, only 16% of Apple users had tried Apple Pay, and just 5% of people stated that they use the system when faced with [...]

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Does your business need an accountant?

There comes a time in every successful small business’s life when the books begin to get a little more complex, and outside help is needed. What can be tough is to establish precisely when that line is crossed, and the penalties for failing to engage a professional could be huge – you could be landed with a larger than expected tax bill or miss the threshold for VAT registration – and a good accountant can pay for themselves by maximising both your and your business’s tax efficiency.

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What does being a landlord entail?

If you're interested in becoming a landlord and letting out a property then this article will tell you a little about what you can expect. We talk about what it means to be a landlord and your responsibilities. While being a landlord can be a great money maker and many people run a business as [...]

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Selling a property yourself on Rightmove

This guide is for property developers. This only applies to new builds or change of use (Barn conversions etc) They currently don't accept, for example, a property that has just been renovated. Recently we got into a discussion with a couple of property developers. They had built a few houses and were just about ready to [...]

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How to think of a business name

Choosing a name can be the most exciting part of starting your business but it can also be the most frustrating part too. It’s difficult to choose a good business name especially in today’s world where a lot of names are already taken. A good business name can help the business become successful just as [...]

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Funding Guide

Starting your business, or expanding upon your existing business, can be very costly and if you’re going to need funding for your business or new venture to get off the ground, as many prospective business owners do, you need to see what’s available and what will best suit you and your business. Keep in mind [...]

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Getting Started

Welcome to one of our first articles at Money Making Expert. Through this guide we will go through the basic points of what you will need to consider when you’re looking at starting your own business. Many people think that going into business for yourself is daunting and scary, but it can actually be quite [...]

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Start-up Costs

In today’s competitive business environment, simply having a great idea for a business no longer guarantees you success. The UK is clearly coming out of the economic slump that began back in 2008, and this is backed up by figures released by Companies House that reveal a record-breaking 581,173 new businesses were registered in the [...]

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How to think of a Business Idea

If you’re thinking about going into business for yourself the first thing you’ll need is an idea. To some people business ideas come naturally and that’s what we believe makes entrepreneurs unique. "Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen." - John Steinbeck. [...]

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How to find business premises

Quick Tip. If your business relies heavily on the internet you may want carry out a broadband speed check in the area of your new business premises. You can do this with BT Whether your business is newly formed, or has been going for a while, the location of your business premises can be a key [...]

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Grant Funding

A grant is a specific amount of money awarded to an individual or business for deserved purpose or need. Anyone can apply for a grant from the Government, the European Union, local councils and charities. One does not need to repay the grant back. However, the twist lies in the fact there is a lot of [...]

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Public Liability Insurance

Are you looking to set up a small business? Will there be interaction between your business and members of the general public? If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions, it’s very likely that you’ll need to get public liability insurance before you start trading. Public liability insurance will cover you for legal costs, compensation and [...]

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How to chase an unpaid invoice

how to ask client for payment
What happens when a customer refuses to pay your invoice? What steps can you take to get the money your business is owed? Customers are a crucial part of every business but when they don't pay, it can be extremely frustrating. Within some industries, avoiding payment is very difficult. In cases where payment is due [...]

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3 Best Online Outsourcing Websites

Best Online Outsourcing Websites
Have you ever felt like you have too much work to handle? Do you often find yourself going through to-do lists and wondering how to find time to complete all the tasks? If that sounds like your business, you may benefit from outsourcing some of your work. Outsourcing is when you pay somebody else to [...]

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6 interviewing tips for interviewers

6 interviewing tips for interviewers
Conducting job interviews can be as challenging as taking them, so make sure that you prepare well, and follow some of this guidance to make sure you bring out the best in your candidates, and get the best person possible to fill your company’s vacant role. 1. Prepare your questions The best interviews are “competency [...]

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Best business structure for small business?

Which legal business structure should you pick
If you’re just starting out in a new business, then it’s a good idea to understand about all the types of legal structures for businesses there are to choose from. The legal structure outlines what paperwork you will need to fill in, the taxes you’ll have to pay, how you can take a dividend from [...]

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